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Little Holland cottages at top of Green no longer there
Claypits Pond with Horses 1905
Long Melford Coronation fancy dress competition at the British Legion in Cordell road1953
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Selected Biography

Hynard, George Alfred – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk 13.1.1881.[1]  Parents: Alfred Frederick Hynard (Coconut Mat Maker) and Caroline Frances [née Howard] of Long Melford.  Family Connections: Brother-in-law of Harry Victor Curtis Champion [b1884] and Henry Thomas Scutt [b1885]. Home: Hall Street, Long Melford (1881), 40 Harper Street, Newington, London (1891), 44 Arnott Street, New Kent Road, Newington (1911) to [1915], 19 Standard Street, Newington (1921), Harper Street, Newington [1921 to 1923].[2]  Occupation: Railway Boy [1900], Window Cleaner (1911), Goods Porter for London South-Western Railways [1915] to (1921).  Married: Bessie Horne in 1915.  Service Record: George enlisted in September 1898 as Boy Sailor Second Class No. 201111 in the Royal Navy, receiving his discharge in 1901.  It is not known if he saw service during the First World War as no definitive record has been found.[3]  Died: Newington, London in 1924.

Related Biographies

Champion, Harry Victor Curtis – Born: Strand, London on 5.2.1884.[4] Parents: William John Champion (Printer’s Foreman) and Mary Alice [née Curtis].  Family Connections: Brother-in-law of George Alfred Hynard [b1881].  Home: 44 Arnott Street, Newington, London (1911 to 1921), 343 Crystal Palace Road, Camberwell, London (1939), 1 Belvoir Lodge, Belvoir Road, East Dulwich, London [1960]. Occupation: Lithographic Printing Machine Minder (1911 to 1939). Married: Emma Augusta Hynard of Long Melford in 1910. Service Record: Harry was conscripted as Pte.47191 with the Rifle Brigade.[5] Died: St Peters Hospital, Westminster, London on 1.10.1960.[6]

Scutt, Henry Thomas – Born: Newington, London on 8.10.1885.[7] Parents: Harry James Scutt (Farrier) and Harriet [née Freeman]. Family Connections: Brother-in-law of George Alfred Hynard [b1881].  Home: 3 Park Villas, Orchard Row, Camberwell, London (1891), 58 Peabody Buildings, Cornelia Street, Newington, London (1901), 44 Arnott Street, New Kent Road, Newington (1921), 68 Arnott Street, New Kent Road, Newington [1917], 343 Crystal Palace Road, Camberwell (1939). Occupation: Farrier (1901 to 1921), Farrier and Blacksmith (1939). Married: Blanche Ellen Hynard of Long Melford in 1917. Service Record: Henry was a Farrier with the British Army during the First World War,[8]  possibly serving as Pte,SE/600 with the Army Veterinary Corps.  If this assumption is correct, then he enlisted on 28.10.1914.[9] Died: London in 1939.

Notes – [1] Date of birth from his RN Record.  [2] Address from Electoral Roll.  [3] Royal Navy Registers of Seaman’s Services [ADM 188/349].  [4] 1939 Register.  [5] Medal Roll [WO 329] and Medal Index Card [WO 372].  [6] National Probate Calendar.  [7] 1939 Register.  [8] see Marriage Register 25.7.1917 of St Andrews Church, Newington, London.  [9] Medal Roll [WO 329] and Medal Index Card [WO 372].

Genealogical Table

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