ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS JUNE 2023. Our excavation team will start their season in June with further investigations in the area adjacent to the 2021 successful dig.  With permission from the Hyde

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Football ground dig 1.7.2022

Football Ground Dig 1 July 2022 The Long Melford Heritage Trusts Archaeological Unit have opened a new excavation in our continual investigation into the villages Iron Age and Roman past. 

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Geophysical Survey

Geophysical Survey Cricket ground and Football pitches – 24 June 2022 The long awaited archaeological geophysical results have now arrived having been commissioned by the Long Melford Heritage Trust Archaeological

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Great War
David Gevaux

Long Melford Great War Archive

LONG MELFORD GREAT WAR ARCHIVE Standing before the War Memorial in Long Melford in 2013 a question came into my mind, and it is one that I have been trying

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Long Melford Heritage Centre
Melford Heritage

A Child’s Memory Of WW2

A Child’s Memory Of WW2 by David Ford 2005 ‘Three lights and a bung’ I was born and was living in Hall Street, Long Melford when World War 2 began.

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