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Little Holland cottages at top of Green no longer there
Claypits Pond with Horses 1905
Long Melford Coronation fancy dress competition at the British Legion in Cordell road1953
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Selected Biographies

Jonas, Arthur Kemble – Born: Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire on 16.4.1894.[1]  Parents: William Kemble Jonas Jnr (Painter) and Annie Elizabeth [née Fisher].  Family Connections: Nephew of Edwin Walter Jonas [b1875] and son-in-law of Frederick John Brockwell [b1854] of Long Melford.  Home: Saxon Street, Woodditton, Cambridgeshire (1901), living with Ernest Ashby at The Perseverance Inn, Station Road, Long Melford (1911), 16 Crescent Road, South Weald, Essex (1921), 39 Crofton Avenue, Sheffield, Yorkshire (1939), 43 Heath Estate, Great Waldingfield, Suffolk [1967].  Occupation: Great Eastern Railway Clerk (1911), Clerk at the Brentwood Mental Hospital (1921), Assistant Clerk and a Mental Hospital Steward (1939). Married: Ethel Maude Brockwell of Long Melford in 1916. Service Record: Arthur was granted a conditional exemption from conscription at the Long Melford Military Service Tribunal in May 1916.[2]  He is however recorded as a Corporal in the Royal Engineers at his marriage only one month later.[3]   His medal records confirm that he attained the rank of A/Sgt.50198 by the time of his discharge.[4]  Died: Sudbury, Suffolk in 1967.

Jonas, Edwin Walter – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 4.10.1875.[5] Parents: William Kemble Jonas Snr (Miller and Farmer) and Eliza Catherine [née Chaplin] (Straw Bonnet Maker).  Family Connections: Uncle of Arthur Kemble Jonas [b1894] and brother-in-law of Ernest Charles Ashby [b1872].  Home: Hall Street, Long Melford (1881 to 1901), living with Ernest Ashby [Father-in-law] at The Perseverance Inn, Station Road, Long Melford [1939], Dove Villa, Great Cornard, Suffolk [1952].  Occupation: Assistant Grocer (1891), Journeyman Grocer and Roundsman (1901), Grocer’s Assistant to Thomas Spicer of Hall Street [1916], Grocer’s Traveller Assistant [1939].  Married: Charlotte Susan Ashby in 1917.  Service Record: At the Melford Military Service Tribunal in March 1916, his employer Thomas Spicer the village grocer, made an application for Jonas’s exemption.  Spicer argued that as three of his men had already enlisted, he had ‘only this man and boys left’ and Jonas was now indispensable.  Exemption was granted for two months.  Spicer was back before the panel in May asking for conditional exemption as his man was now 40 years and 7 months [author’s note: this was near the upper age limit for conscription at the time].  He was granted a conditional exemption, however by February 1917 the Tribunal, and appeal by the military representative had overturned Edwin’s exemption, the panel making the stipulation that he was not to be called up for a month.[6]  When Edwin married in July his occupation is given as a ‘Soldier in the Army Ordnance Corps’,[7] no other details are known.  Died: Sudbury, Suffolk on 6.1.1952.[8]

Related Biographies

Ashby, Ernest Charles William – Born: West Malling, Kent on 4.10.1872.[9] Parents: Charles Ashby (Licensed Victualler) and Susan [née Medcalf]. Family Connections: Brother to Albert George Ashby [b1887] and brother-in-law of Edward Walter Jonas [b1875].  Home: Larkhouse Cottage, Hempstead, Essex (1881), Perseverance Hotel, Station Road, Long Melford (1891 to 1939). Occupation: Saddler’s Apprentice (1891), Licensed Victualler (1901), Brewer and Licensed Victualler (1911), Farmer of Kings Farm (1921), Licensed Victualler (1939). Married: Mary Ann Flower Jonas in 1902. Service Record: Ernest was a member of the Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps in 1915.[10] Died: Sudbury, Suffolk in 1969.

Brockwell, Frederick John – Born: Cavendish, Suffolk on 24.5.1853.[11] Parents: John Brockwell (Agricultural Labourer) and Frances ‘Fanny’ [née Reeve]. Family Connections: Father-in-law of William Syer Cracknell [b1878], Arthur Stanley Tanner [b1877], Walter Bennett Maxim [b1888] and Arthur Kemble Jonas [b1894]. Home: Chapel Street, Cavendish, Suffolk (1861 and 1871),[12] Hall Street, Long Melford (1881 to 1921). Occupation: Agricultural Labourer (1871), Carpenter (1881 to 1901), Master Carpenter (1911 to 1921), Builder [1916].[13] Married: Louisa Medcalf in 1873. Service Record: Frederick was a member of the Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps in 1915.[14] Died: Long Melford, Suffolk in 1927.

Notes – [1] 1939 Register for Sheffield, Yorkshire.  [2] For details of the Tribunals decision see Suffolk and Essex Free Press 17.5.1916.  [3] Marriage Register 10.6.1916, Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford and marriage notice in SEFP 14.6.1916 which confirmed his rank as Corporal.  [4] See also his Service Medal and Award Rolls 1914-1918 [WO 329] and Service Medal and Award Rolls Index Cards 1914-1922 [WO 372].  [5] Baptism Register 7.5.1876, Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford.  [6] For the Tribunal’s rulings see Suffolk and Essex Free Press 15.3.1916, 17.5.1916 and 28.2.1917.  [7] Marriage Register 4.7.1917, Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford.  [8] National Probate Calendar.  [9] 1939 Register for Long Melford.  [10] For Training Corps article see Suffolk and Essex Free Press 10.3.1915.  [11] Baptism Register 11.6.1853, St Marys Church, Cavendish, Suffolk.  [12] Recorded as John Brockwell on the UK Census of 1861 and 1871.  [13] His occupation is given in Kelly’s Directory Suffolk 1916.  [14] For Training Corps articles see Suffolk and Essex Free Press 10.3.1915 and 29.12.1915.

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