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Little Holland cottages at top of Green no longer there
Claypits Pond with Horses 1905
Long Melford Coronation fancy dress competition at the British Legion in Cordell road1953
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Selected Biographies

Robertson, Amy – Born: Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland in 1874.  Home: The School House, The Green, Long Melford (1901) to [1918].  Occupation: Dressmaker (1901).  Service Record: Amy was a volunteer with the British Red Cross Society from August to September 1918, working as a Volunteer Nurse at Suffolk Hospital, Ampton Hall near Bury St Edmunds.[1]

Robinson, Charles Edward – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 26.11.1880.[2]  Parents: John Sykes Robinson (Inspector of Nuisance and Sanitary Surveyor) and Elizabeth [née Meaney].  Family Connections: Brother to George Frederick Robinson [b1874].  Home: Hall Street, Long Melford (1881), Station Road, Long Melford (1891), 8 Fernhurst Road, Fulham, London [1903], 84 Devereaux Drive, Wallasey, Cheshire [1919], 56 Longland Road, Wallasey (1939).  Occupation: Barman [1903], Army Pensioner and Caretaker for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, Cat and Dog Shelter (1939).  Married: Elsie Fairclough in 1927.  Service Record: Charles enlisted in 1903 as Gnr.17424 with No. 8 Company, Royal Garrison Artillery, transferring to the Army Reserve in 1906.  He was mobilised on 5.8.1914 and posted to France with 116th Heavy Battery, RGA from 21.8.1914 to 15.3.1915, when he received multiple shrapnel wounds, receiving treatment up to November 1915.  He received his discharge in May 1919.[3]  During the Second World War he was an Air Raid Precaution officer for animals.[4]

Robinson, George – Born: Grantham, Lincolnshire on 22.3.1893.[5]  Parents: John Robinson of Grantham, Lincolnshire (Butler) and Esther [née Gammons].  Family Connections: Brother to Thomas Robinson [b1895].  Home: Station Road, Knebworth, Hertfordshire (1901), HMS Astaea, Shanghai, China (1911).  Occupation: Telegraph Boy (1911).  Service Record: George enlisted in 1909 as Boy Sailor No. J3857 with the Royal Navy. In 1911 he was on the 2nd Class cruiser HMS Astraea off Shanghai, China.  From 10.2.1914 to 21.5.1916 as an Able-Bodied Seaman he served on the battlecruiser HMS Indomitable where he saw action at the Battle of Dogger Bank in 1915, transferring to the battleship HMS Hibernia from 13.9.1916 to 29.8.1917.  He received his discharge in 1923.[6]

Robinson, George Frederick – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 9.6.1874.[7]  Parents: John Sykes Robinson (Inspector of Nuisances and Sanitary Surveyor for Melford Rural District Council) and Elizabeth [née Meaney].  Family Connections: Brother to Charles Edward Robinson [b1880].  Home: Hall Street, Long Melford (1881), Station Road, Long Melford (1891).  Service Record: George enlisted in 1896 as Tpr.3903 with 13th Hussars, posted to South Africa from 1899 to 1902, seeing action in the Second Anglo-Boer War and transferring to the Army Reserve in 1903.[8]  It is not known if he saw service during the First World War as no extant record has been found.

Robinson, James Robert – Born: Hilgay, Norfolk on 21.11.1884.[9]  Home: River Bank, Hilgay, Norfolk (1891 to 1901), lodging with Pamela Etteridge (widow) at The Elders, Station Road, Long Melford (1911), School House, Honington, Norfolk (1921), Hundon, Suffolk (1939).  Occupation: Pupil Teacher at St Mark’s School (1901), Certified Teacher in Long Melford (1911), Elementary School Teacher (1921), Schoolmaster (1939).  Married: Edith Lizzie Emsden in 1911.  Service Record: No definitive military record has been found for the period of the Great War, however during the Second World War James was an Air Raid Precaution Warden in Hundon.[10] Died: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in 1972.

Robinson, Macleod Bawtree [CMG] – Born: Cape Colony, South Africa on 12.1.1858.  Parents: Edward Arthur Robinson and Emma.  Home: Already, Heathfield Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (1911), Pound Hall, The Green, Long Melford [1918 to 1935].  Occupation: Colonial administrator, Commissioner of the Cape Police in 1904 and author of Notes and Criminal Procedure and Police Duty in 1905.  He was appointed as a Visitor of Licensed Houses under ‘The Lunacy Acts, 1890 to 1922’ and listed as a Justice of the Peace in 1933.  Married: Annie Ayliff [d1891] in 1887 and Theodora Eugenie Dahl in 1897.  Service Record: Bawtree Robinson served in various colonial wars from 1877 through to the Second Anglo-Boer War, being town commandant during the Siege of Kimberley.  For his service to the British Empire, he was appointed a Companion of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George [CMG] and on 8.3.1915 was confirmed in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Army Service Corps East Anglian Divisional Train.[11]  In February 1919 he sat as a member of the Long Melford War Memorial Committee.  His generosity and concern for the returning veterans of the village was made clear in 1920 when he purchased the Lecture Hall in Hall Street and presented it to them as an ex-service men’s club.  He also became the newly constituted Long Melford Ex-Service Men’s Club’s first President.[12]  Died: Long Melford, Suffolk on 30.8.1935.[13]

Robinson, Thomas – Born: Grantham, Lincolnshire on 1.5.1895.[14]  Parents: John Robinson (Butler) and Esther [née Gammons].  Family Connections: Brother of George Robinson [b1893]; also, brother-in-law of Frederick George Tolchard [b1888], Leslie Arthur Tolchard [b1894] and Bernard Newberry Tolchard [b1898].  Home: Station Road, Knebworth, Hertfordshire (1901), The Green, Long Melford (1911), 14 Church Road, Great Cornard, Suffolk [1922], Baileul Villa, Sudbury Road, Great Cornard, Suffolk [1939].  Occupation: Wheelwright (1911), Carpenter [1915 to 1939].  Married: Eva Beatrice Tolchard of Long Melford in 1917.[15]  Service Record: Thomas enlisted on 12.4.1915 as Air Mechanic No. 4575 with the Royal Flying Corps, being posted to France from 5.3.1916 to 10.5.1916 with No. 23 Squadron.  He was promoted to Flight Sergeant in 1916 transferring on 1.4.1918 to the Royal Air Force and receiving his discharge in 1922.[16]

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