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Little Holland cottages at top of Green no longer there
Claypits Pond with Horses 1905
Long Melford Coronation fancy dress competition at the British Legion in Cordell road1953
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Selected Biographies

Snell, Ernest George – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 19.2.1901.[1]  Parent: Harriet Snell (Horsehair Drawer).  Family Connections: Nephew of Henry William Snell [b1885].  Home: Back Lane, Long Melford (1901 to 1911).[2]  Occupation: Motor Driver [1919].  Service Record: Although no definitive military record has been found, Ernest may have enlisted as Stoker No. K58115 with the Royal Navy on 1.8.1919 for a period of 12 years.  If this assumption is correct, then served beyond he proscribed time through to the outbreak of the Second World War.[3]  Died: Preston, Lancashire in 1992.

Snell, George Horace – Born: Glemsford, Suffolk on 3.2.1897.[4]  Parent: Wallace Snell of Long Melford (Yarn and Fibre Dyer) and Kate [née Ambrose].  Family Connections: Brother-in-law of Reginald Claude Ling [b1898].  Home: Hunts Hill, Glemsford, Suffolk (1901), Newman Road, Sudbury, Suffolk (1911 to 1921), Ramsholt, Belle Vue Road, Sudbury (1939), 58 Clarence Road, Sudbury [1972].  Occupation: Errand Boy (1911), Bookkeeper (1921), Clerk (1939).  Service Record: George was a member of the Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps in 1916.[5]  Died: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in 1972.

Snell, Gilbert Harry – Born: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire on 29.1.1897.[6]   Parents: Harry Snell of Long Melford (Solicitor’s Clerk) and Ellen Gertrude [née Bailey].  Home: 99 Bathley Street, Nottingham, Notts (1901), 21 Yew Tree Avenue, Carrington, Notts (1911), 66 Foxhall Road, Nottingham [1915 to 1920], 39 Edgehill Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire (1939).  Occupation: Office Boy (1911), Insurance Clerk [1915 to 1951].  Married: Sarah Ellen Victoria Pearson in 1920.  Service Record: Gilbert was conscripted on 9.12.1915 as Ordinary Seaman Z/4836 of 4th (Collingwood) Battalion, 63rd [Royal Naval] Division, training as a Signalman.  His unit saw action during the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 at the 3rd Battle of Krithia where they suffered such heavy losses that they were not reformed.  The Division was evacuated from the peninsula in December 1915 and sent to France, joining the bulk of the Allied forces on the Western Front, and seeing action in the latter stages of the Somme Offensive of 1916.  Seaman Snell received his discharge in March 1919.[7]  Died: Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1971.

Snell, Henry William [MSM] – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 8.5.1885.[8]  Parent: Mary Ann Snell (Horsehair Weaver).  His probable father was Albert Clover for whom Mary Ann was the long-term housekeeper.  Family Connections: Uncle of Ernest George Snell [b1901] and cousin of Oswald Snell [b1876].  Home: Back Lane, Long Melford (1891 and 1901), Hall Street, Long Melford [1903], 4 Meadow Street, Southsea, Hampshire (1911), Long Melford [1916], Church Street, Great Ayton, Yorkshire (1921), 13 Jubilee Bank, Ormesby, Yorkshire (1939).[9]  Occupation: Carpenter (1901) Wheelwright in the Army Service Corps (1911), Carpenter and Undertaker working for Mr Bixby of Hall Street, Long Melford [1916], Joiner (1921), Steel Works Joiner and Works Air Raid Precaution Auxiliary Fireman (1939).  Married: Clare Hannah Galloway Wilson in 1909.  Service Record: Henry enlisted in 1903 as Pte.21102 with 66th Company, Army Service Corps, posted to France from 20.8.1914 as Wheeler/Driver T/21102 with 3rd Reserve Park, ASC and transferring to Headquarters Company, 63rd [Royal Naval] Divisional Train on 9.10.1916.  He was later promoted to Transport Staff Sergeant and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his service in the field.[10]  During the Second World War he was his Works Air Raid Precaution Auxiliary Fireman.[11]  Died: Middlesborough, Yorkshire in 1956.

Snell, Lambert – Born: Glemsford, Suffolk in 1879.  Parents: Horace Snell of Preston St Mary, Suffolk (Coconut Mat Weaver) and Sarah Ann [née Jarmin] (Horsehair Weaver).  Home: Plumb Street, Glemsford, Suffolk (1881), Hunts Hill, Glemsford (1891), 2 New Cut, Glemsford (1901 to 1911).  Occupation: Cocoanut Matting Weaver (1911).  Married: Emily Maria Smith in 1917.  Service Record: Lambert was conscripted on 26.2.1916 as Pte.5557 with 4th [Reserve] Battalion, The Buffs [East Kent Regiment].  He transferred as Pte.316065 to the Labour Corps, moving to 577 [Home Service Employment] Company on 8.2.1918, receiving his discharge in February 1919.[12]  Died: Sudbury, Suffolk in 1926.

Snell, Leonard Walter – Born: Paddington, London on 24.3.1905.[13]   Parents: Horace Snell of Long Melford (Grocer’s Manager) and Julia Louisa [née Mead].  Family Connections: Nephew of William Thomas Snell of Long Melford [b1868].  Home: 6 Drayton Gardens, West Ealing, Middlesex (1911), 13 Broomfield Road, Ealing, Middlesex (1921), 105 King’s Avenue, Ealing (1939).  Occupation: Apprentice Motor Body Builder (1921), Carpenter (1939).  Married: Eleanor Hanby Hayes in 1933.  Service Record: Leonard was a member of the Air Raid Precaution Demolition Squad for Ealing at the start of the Second World War.[14]  Died: Northampton, Northamptonshire in 1991.

Snell, Oswald – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk in 1874.  Parents: Francis Snell (Coachman) and Sarah [née Parmenter] (Horsehair Weaver).  Family Connections: Cousin of Henry William Snell [b1885].  Home: Smaley Lane, Long Melford (1881), Acton Green, Acton, Suffolk (1891), Military Barracks, Colchester, Essex (1901), St Catherines Road, Long Melford [1915].  Occupation: Groom (1891), Regular Soldier [1900 to 1915].  Service Record: Oswald enlisted around 1900[15] as Pte.6641 with 1st Battalion. Bedfordshire Regiment, which was stationed at Mullingar in Ireland at the outbreak of war.  On 19.9.1914 he was posted to France as part of 15th Brigade, 5th Division, seeing action at the Battles of the Aisne and La Bassée in 1914 and the Capture of Hill 60 near Ypres in April 1915.[16]  On 17.4.1915 six mines were detonated under the German held positions on Hill 60, presaging a fiercely fought battle which was to rage on for nearly a month.  The hill was briefly occupied by the British, only to be recaptured at the beginning of May.  It was to remain in enemy hands for another two years.  Died: Private Snell was killed in action on 21.4.1915 during the final phase of latter operation and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial [panel 31 & 33], Ypres, Belgium, and the Long Melford War Memorial.[17]

Snell, William Thomas – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 3.12.1868.[18]  Parents: David Thomas Snell of Sudbury, Suffolk (Coachsmith) and Charlotte [née Byford] of Long Melford (Horsehair Weaver).  Family Connections: Brother-in-law of James Whent [b1876] and uncle of Leonard Walter Snell [b1905].  Home: Johns Terrace, 4 New Street, Sudbury (1871), Holland Cottages, The Green, Long Melford (1881), Gypsy Lane, Wymondham, Leicestershire (1901), Boxted, Suffolk (1911), The Bungalow, Lower Street, Stanstead, Suffolk (1939). Occupation: Gardener [1886] to (1939).  Married: Edith Hannah Veazey in 1900.  Service Record: William enlisted in 1886 as Pte.1804 with 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, posted to Egypt from 1889 to 1891 and to India from 1891 to 1894, receiving his discharge in 1898.  It is not known if he saw service during the First World War as no definitive record has been found.[19]

Related Biographies

Ling, Reginald Claude – Born: Brantham, Suffolk on 21.7.1898.[20]   Parents: Frederick William Ling (Carpenter) and Annie Elizabeth [née Clarke].  Family Connections: Brother-in-law of George Horace Snell [b1897].   Home: 2 East Street, Sudbury, Suffolk (1901 to 1911), 73 Waldingfield Road, Sudbury (1921), 58 Clarence Road, Sudbury (1939) to [1961].  Occupation: Railway Booking Clerk (1921 to 1939).  Married: Daisy Ethel Snell of Glemsford in 1927.  Service Record: Reginald was conscripted on 19.7.1916 as Pte.6230 with Training Reserve Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.  He was posted to France as Pte.41488 with 11th [Service] Battalion, Suffolks, as part of 183rd Brigade, 61st [2nd South Midland] Division, seeing action at the Battles of the Lys, Selle and Valenciennes in 1918.  In March 1919 he was issued with a Silver War Badge and discharged due to the effect of wounds received.[21]  Died: Sudbury, Suffolk on 20.10.1961.[22]

Whent, James – Born: Long Melford, Suffolk on 11.5.1876.[23]  Parents: George Whent (Agricultural Labourer) and Anna [née Horrex] (Horsehair Weaver).  Family Connections: Uncle of Arthur Edward Whent [b1889], Percy Harry Whent [b1892] and Reginald Victor Whent [b1898]; also, brother-in-law of William Thomas Snell [b1868].  Home: Hall Street, Long Melford (1881 and 1891), 93 Tulip Street, Camden Town, London (1901), 58 Edenbridge Road, Mark Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex (1911), 48 Durham Road, Brentford, Middlesex (1939) to [1950].  Occupation: Painter (1891), Draper’s Clerk (1901 to 1939).  Married: Maud Snell of Long Melford in 1916.  Service Record: James was conscripted on 27.11.1915 as Pte.17691 with 2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment, later transferring to 4th [Extra Reserve] Battalion, East Surreys.  On 24.10.1918 he was issued with a Silver War Badge and discharged due to the effect of his wounds.  His injuries may have been sustained during the Salonika campaign where 2nd Battalion was posted as part of 85th Brigade, 28th Division from December 1915.[24]  Died: Isleworth, Middlesex on 25.12.1950.[25]

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