A village with a big story
Little Holland cottages at top of Green no longer there
Claypits Pond with Horses 1905
Long Melford Coronation fancy dress competition at the British Legion in Cordell road1953
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Veterans Gallery

Amos Gracie ALBON 1887-1966 Spr.297122 – Royal Engineers
John ALBON 1891-1961 Sgt.200376 – 1/4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Alfred Bodger' ALLEN 1857-1925 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
George Stafford ALLEN 1871-1941 Member of the Melford Military Service Tribunal in WWI
Richard ALMACK 1885-1962 Captain – Royal Engineers
Ernest AMBROSE 1878-1973 CQMS.205898 – 4th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
George ‘Stock’ AMBROSE 1881-1958 Pte,245418 - 20th [Service] Battalion. Durham Light Infantry
Alfred ANDREWS 1871-1946 Pte.130 - 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Launcelot Charles V. ANDREWS 1897-1917 Pte.45052 – 11th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Robert George ANDREWS 1899-1971 Pte.TR13/8121 – 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade
Herbert Frederick Daniel ARBON 1894-1932 Pte.PO1169 – Royal Marine Light Infantry
Edward ARDLEY 1899-1996 5th Battalion, [London Rifle Brigade], London Regiment
Richard Arthur Blythe ARDLEY 1905-1942 Lieut. Cmdr – RNR [‘L’ Detachment, Special Air Service]
Clement John Orchard BABER 1888-1964 Gnr.1592 – Royal Marine Artillery
Edward Colborne Orchard BABER 1912-1943 Lt.NX6612 - 24th Battalion, Australian Infantry
Gustave Colborne BABER 1895-1985 Pte.1144 - Royal Army Medical Corps
Richard James Colborne BABER b1926 Melford Home Guard & Somerset Light Infantry
William Orchard BABER 1881-1962 Gnr.1591 – Royal Marine Artillery
Charles Frederick BARNES 1886-1957 Pte.242518 - 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Clement George BARNES 1884-1946 First World War Service Unknown
Hubert Roy BARNES 1898-1973 8th (Anson) Battalion, 63rd (Royal Navy) Division
Oliver Joseph BARNES 1896-1956 Able Seaman No.J/24004 – Royal Navy
Walter Allen BARNES 1890-1930 Pte.20621 - 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment
George Harry BELL 1879-1970 RSM.138 – 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Robert James BELL 1881- Pte.47310 – 10th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Albert ‘Bertie’ BIRD 1884-1944 Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
Granville Charles Miller BIXBY 1899-1967 ‘A’ Siege Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery
Edmund Charles BLUNDEN, MC 1896-1974 2/Lt - 11th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
Walter C. BLYTHE 1875-1965 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
William BOGGIS 1895-1937 Pte.7607 – The London Regiment
Charles John BOND b1885 5th Battalion (Territorial), Suffolk Regiment
Edmund BOND 1877-1977 Sgt.2010 - 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Arthur Starling BORDER 1892-1877 Dvr.85714 – LXII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
David BORDER 1881-1957 L/Cpl.5331 - 1/4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
John ‘Jack’ BORDER 1881-1965 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Albert George BOREHAM 1892-1967 Spr.WR/285383 – Railway Section, Royal Engineers
George BOREHAM 1858-1944 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
George Edward Bernard BOREHAM 1912-1995 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Henry ‘Harry’ Dennis BOREHAM 1896-1976 Sgt.2661 - 1/5th Battn, Suffolk Regiment
Edward ‘Ted’ G. BOULDEN b1907 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Frank Richard BOULDEN 1872-1948 Sgt.RT5/5563 – Remount Squadron, Army Service Corps
Harry Thomas BOULDEN b1910 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Thomas Alfred BRACKLEY 1899-1941 (died at sea on HMT Arctic Trapper) Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Francis Joseph BRAITHWAITE 1872-1914 (killed in action) Major - 2nd Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Francis Joseph St George BRAITHWAITE 1907-1956 Air-Vice Marshall – Royal Air Force
Humphrey Layland BRAITHWAITE 1885-1916 2/Lieutenant, Royal Engineers
Margaret Dorothea BRAITHWAITE 1878-1919 (died in service) Assistant Nurse - Voluntary Aid Detachment
Brook BRANWHITE 1897-1986 Soldier in WWI (unit unknown) & RAF Volunteer Reserve in WWII
Frederick Horace BRANWHITE 1890-1972 Pte.DM2/221150 - Army Service Corps
Frederick Wesney Stapleton BRANWHITE 1861-1934 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Vernon Harry BRANWHITE 1865-1942 New South Wales Contingent - Suakin Expedition of 1885
Ernest Henry BRAYBROOK 1893-1963 Pte.G/34392 – 13th [Service] Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
Albert James Underwood BREWER 1915-1878 Royal West Surrey Regiment
Frank Albert Thomas BREWER 1906-1976 Royal West Surrey Regiment
Harry Charles Edward BREWER 1905-1982 Royal Air Force
Walter Thomas BREWER 1884-1939 Army Service Corps
William Andrew Walter BREWER 1903-1993 Unit Unknown
George Bertie BROWN 1879-1944 Private.– Royal Marine Artillery
Rufus A. BROWN 1903-1972 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
William BUGG b1888 Dvr.T4/109615 – Army Service Corps
Arthur John BULMER 1884-1921 Stoker 1st Class No.211921 – Royal Navy
Frederick Charles BULMER 1887-1951 4th Battalion, 63rd [Royal Naval] Division
Thomas Clifford BULMER 1890-1939 6th (Howe) Battalion, 63rd [Royal Naval] Division
William Frederick Thomas BULMER 1888-1960 - Suffolk Home Guard
Charles Samuel BUTCHER 1877-1938 Unit Unknown
Harry James BUTCHER 1872-1944 Unit Unknown
George BYFORD 1886-1969 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Harold Ward BYFORD 1898-1967 2nd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry
Charles Ebenezer CADGE 1880-1952 438th Field Company, Royal Engineers
Ernest Cadge GRICE aka CADGE 1921-2009 Suffolk Home Guard
Frederick George Cadge GRICE aka CADGE 1912-2002 Suffolk Home Guard
George Roy CADGE 1887-1974 Pte.57329 – 14th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers
Philip Charles GRICE aka CADGE 1874-1947 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Stanley Horace Cadge GRICE aka CADGE 1914-2001 Suffolk Home Guard
Thomas CADGE 1871-1960 L/Sgt.23 – 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
William CADGE 1878-1963 Served in WWI – Unit Not Known
Dennis William CADMAN 1927-2005 Royal Air Force
Paul Edward CADMAN 1932-2001 Royal Air Force
Godfrey Lionel John CAVENDISH 1884-1914 9th Bhopal Infantry
Richard Charles Alexander CAVENDISH 1885-1941 Commissioner of Police in Kenya
George Oscar CHAMBERLIN 1889-1980 RAMC in WWI & Melford Home Guard
Ronald Ernest CHAMBERLIN b1920 Flight Sergeant – Royal Air Force in WWII
Ernest John CHISNALL 1876-1941 Grn.20786 – 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards
Arthur Robert Raynham CLOVER 1896-1968 10th Battalion, Essex Regiment
Leonard CODLING 1897-1919 Pte.240830 – 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
William COE 1891-1941 Lieutenant – 1st Battalion, Border Regiment
Reginald George COLEMAN 1894-1963 1st Battalion, The Queen’s [Royal West Surrey Regiment]
Arthur ‘Bully’ COX 1924-1986 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
George Martin COX 1913-1958 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Willie COX 1879-1956 Pte.5564 - 9th [Service] Battalion, Norfolk Regiment
Frederick ‘Tom’ Thomas CREASEY 1908-1968 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Kenneth Alexander CROCKATT, MC 1896-1972 Lt-Col - 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Frank James CRYSELL 1910-1966 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Roy Victor CUTLER, MBE, MC 1892-1986 Captain - 4th Field Company, Australian Engineers
Albert Henry DAKIN 1886-1972 Private – 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Mrs Edith DRAKE [née MORTEN] 1883-1963 Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse & Red Cross Volunteer
Robert Edward DRAKE 1878-1914 (killed in action) Captain - 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
Charles Henry DRURY 1918-1943 Essex Regiment, No.2 Commando
George DRURY 1876-1950 Pte.62179 – 11th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
William James DRURY 1879-1941 Pte.M/300638 – 14th [MT] Company, Army Service Corps
Arthur DUCE 1890-1938 2nd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment
Bertie ‘Bert’ DUCE 1895-1972 Pte.2838 - 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Frederick DUCE 1885-1923 1st Battalion, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
George DUCE 1888-1980 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Harry DUCE 1886-1963 Pte.235472 – 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
Walter DUCE 1892-1917 Sgt.2507 – 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Gladys Harding Allen DYSON 1893-1984 Nurse – Voluntary Aid Detachment
William Harding DYSON, MM 1895-1917 46th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps
Arthur EAST 1885-1954 Private – Labour Corps
Frederick John EAST, MM 1896-1949 Pte.2260 – 1/5th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
John Patrick FINCH 1894-1918 L/Cpl.50229 – 54th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps
Herbert Edward FITCH 1882-1918 6th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment
William Sidney James FORD 1909-1977 ‘H’ Company, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
George Albert FRENCH 1889-1971 Wounded in WWI - Unit Unknown
Ernest Arthur GARDINER 1876-1949 Pte.18244 – 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
James Spalding GARDINER 1884-1947 Army Service Corps in WWI & Australian Engineers in WWII
Leslie George GARDINER 1926-2003 Royal Armoured Corps in WWII
Farrance Thomas GLAZIN 1892-1976 Aircraft Mechanic – Royal Naval Air Service
Charles Alfred GOLDING 1909-1940 No.73 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Walter GOODY, MC, MM 1886-1918 RSM.3/9691 – 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Harry William GRIDLEY 1893-1977 Pte.573169 – 51st Battalion, Labour Corps
Albert Isaac HARRINGTON 1886-1940 Private – 536th Company, Labour Corps
Charles ‘Walter’ HARRINGTON 1889-1945 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
John Gilson HARRIS b1891 Private - 1/13th Battalion, London Regiment
Lambert George HARTLEY 1887-1979 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Charles Miller HEARD 1893-1917 2/Lt – 8th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
Alfred Arthur HEMPSTEAD 1886-1978 5th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery
James Harold HICKFORD 1889-1961 1/4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Edward John HILLS 1897-1917 (killed in action) L/Sgt.202431 – 1/4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Dr Joseph Alphonus HORSFORD 1848-1919 Committee Chairman - Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Bertram George HOWARD 1897-1959 Royal Marines WWI & WWII
Stanley Harry HOWE b1889 Able Seaman – Royal Navy
Arthur James HOWELL b1901 Private – 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Ernest Baden HOWELL b1900 Fireman K58709 – Royal Navy & Merchant Navy
Charles Thomas HURNDALL b1879 717th (MT) Company, Army Service Corps
Arthur Abraham IVES b1878 Stoker – Royal Navy, later Merchant Navy in WWI
Alfred JACKSON 1878-1950 L/Cpl.240742 – 2/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
William JOSCELYNE 1893- Dvr.11421 – 16th Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Claud Cyril KEEBLE 1891-1969 Pte.510938 – 1/14th Battalion, London Regiment
Ida Florence KEEBLE 1892-1965 Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse
John Lionel Cockle KEEBLE 1884-1949 Spr.287935 – Royal Engineers
Lawrence Victor KEEBLE 1895-1960 Aircraft Mechanic No.4889 – Royal Flying Corps
Charles William Luff KEMP 1899-1971 Able Seaman No.Z/7192 – Royal Navy
Alfred William LEEKS 1874-1964 Pte.3724 – Machine Gun Corps
Fred LEEKS 1893-1947 Pte.2259 – 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Walter LEEKS 1898-1936 Pte.27479 – 1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment
Leonard Swan LEGGOTT 1895-1967 L/Signalman J/11084 – Royal Navy
Arthur Samuel LEWIS 1874-1947 CSM – Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Bertie John LILLEY 1886-1916 Rfn.S/15765 – 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade
Thomas William LILLY 1899- Trimmer in the Merchant Navy during WWI
Charles LINGLEY 1837-1922 44th Regiment of Foot – Crimean & Second Opium Wars
Frederick David LORD 1889-1968 11th Battalion, Essex Regiment
John Frederick LOVERSEED 1881-1928 Military Rep. - Melford Military Service Tribunal
Harry Edward LUMLEY 1870-1935 Cpl.51302 – Devonshire Regiment
Amos MANNING 1877-1959 Pte.22002 – Bedfordshire Regiment
Alfred William MARCH 1894-1991 Pte.19247 – Royal Marine Light Infantry
Henry ‘Harry’ MARCH 1875-1945 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Frederick MAXIM 1876 -1941 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment
Alfred Ernest MAYES 1876-1936 Unit Unknown in WWI
Charles Alfred MAYES 1884 -1961 Aircraft Mechanic No. 24809 - Royal Flying Corps
Frederick MAYES 1878-1942 Unit Unknown in WWI
George MAYES 1880-1983 Tpr.4561 - 10th Hussars
Mark MAYES 1889 -1972 Australian Imperial Force
Leslie Alliston MAYHEW 1896-1980 Sgt - ‘H’ Coy, 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Sydney Manvers Woolner MEADOWS, DSO 1876-1957 L/Col. – RAMC
Charles MESSENGER 1886-1917 1st Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment
Walter MESSENGER 1886-1974 Wounded in WWI, Unit Not Known
Albert James MILLS 1901-1980 Suffolk Home Guard
Bertie MILLS 1889-1930 Unit Unknown in WWI
Charles Percy MILLS 1898-1983 Rifle Brigade in WWI & Suffolk Home Guard in WWII
Harry Thomas MILLS 1887-1970 6th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)
Horace James ‘Jack’ MILLS 1896-1965 L/Cpl.S4/111148 – 257th [MT] Company, Army Service Corps
Wilfred Edward MILLS 1895-1974 Pte.2725 - Royal Warwickshire Regiment
William Walter MILLS 1897-1982 Essex Regiment, 161st [Essex] Brigade
Charles MITCHELL 1886-1915 The King's Own [Royal Lancaster] Regiment
Ernest William MITCHELL 1889-1949 Suffolk Regiment
George William Arthur MITCHELL 1899-1968 Deck Boy – Merchant Navy
Isaac Frederick MITCHELL 1894-1977 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
George MOSS 1870-1937 Private - Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Robert Smith MOTHERSOLE 1884-1921 1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Cyril George MOTT 1923-1944 Pte.14545245 - 2nd Bn, Suffolk Regt in WWII
Sydney MOTT 1887-1960 Gnr.209994 – Royal Field Artillery
William Edward NEWMAN 1916- Pte.6020623 – 4th Bn, Suffolk Regt in WWII
1893-1915 Pte.2338 – 1/7th Cheshire Regiment - Died of Wounds
James NUNN 1884-1952 Dvr.T4/276135 – (HT) Company, Army Service Corps
Paul OHLMANN 1892-1970 2/Lt - Suffolk Home Guard
Laurence Hyde PARKER 1870-1954 Commander – Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Sir William Stephen Hyde PARKER 1892-1951 Lieutenant – 1st (Kings) Dragoon Guards
Alfred James PARMENTER 1898-1959 Stoker – Royal Navy
Henry PARMENTER 1887-1917 Cpl.40944 – 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Charles Ambrose PAYNE b1913 Served in Iraq in Second World War – unit unknown
Ernest Frederick PEACHEY 1895-1916 Sgt.14858 – 8th Battn, Suffolk Regiment
Henry Frederick Wells PEACHEY 1872-1945 5th Volunteer Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Edward Mayes PEARCE 1891-1973 Lieutenant – XCIV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
Harry PEGG 1888-1981 Royal Horse Artillery WWI & Suffolk Home Guard
William Robert PEGG 1883-1958 served in 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Bertie John PERKINS 1882-1951 Sgt.40945 - 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Maurice Stanley PERKINS 1889-1918 L/Cpl.78215 – 2/7th Bn, Durham Light Infantry
Maurice Stanley PERKINS 1906-1974 ‘H’ Company – Suffolk Home Guard
Maurice James PERKINS 1916-1992 Royal Corps of Signals in WWII
Edward Thomas PERRY 1885-1918 Pte.19335 – Royal Army Pay Corps
George PERRY 1884-1955 Pte.201183 – The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
John ‘Jack’ Stephen PERRY 1880-1930 Pte.35068 – 2nd Battn, Suffolk Regiment
Frederick James PETTITT 1883-1967 9/Royal Fusiliers, later to Grenadier Guards
Joseph William PETTY 1876-1946 Fitter – Royal Flying Corps
Ronatto PIAMO 1891-1944 Pte.M/378984 - 615 [MT] Company, Army Service Corps
Harry PIPER b1876 Driver – Royal Artillery
Harry John POLLEY 1881-1957 Pte.63931 - Royal Army Medical Corps
Bertram Thomas PONDER 1894-1916 Gnr.38144 - Machine Gun Corps [Heavy Branch]
Ernest William Ewart POOLE 1891-1944 Norfolk Regiment
Robert John POOLE 1894-1917 16th Battalion, Rifle Brigade
Nellie POTTER 1901-1990 Women’s Land Army in WWI
Walter John POTTER 1896-1917 Able Seaman No.J/43893 – Royal Navy
Alfred Frederick POULTER 1898- Cook – Merchant Navy
Stanley Edward POULTER b1901 Steward – Merchant Navy
George Harcourt PRENTICE 1896-1951 Master-at-Arms, Royal Navy
Aubrey PRIGG 1891-1967 Pte.203873 - 1/4th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment
Frank William PURDY 1907-1989 Sergeant – 232nd Field Company, Royal Engineers
Percy Herbert RACKHAM 1876-1928 Pte.33811 - Essex Regiment
Albert William Palmer RANDLE 1898-1976 Gnr.209118 – Royal Field Artillery
Albert ‘Bertie’ John RANSON 1891-1954 Suffolk Regiment, later Royal Engineers
George RANSON 1888- Pte.7139 - 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment (POW)
Oakley John ‘Jack’ RANSON 1886-1970 Served in 5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Sidney Joseph RANSON 1896-1997 Pte.2805 – 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Maurice Bertram RAYMOND 1899-1964 Pte.37123 to 11th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
Cyril Edward REEVE 1923-1997 7th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers
Dennis Edward REEVE 1892-1983 Long Melford Volunteer Training Corps
Robert Patrick RICHOLD 1880-1956 Private – 2nd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment
Frederick John RINGER 1880-1956 Suffolk Home Guard
William RINGER 1873-1958 Pte.25 – 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Fred RISING 1879-1918 Pte.40920 – 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
MacLeod Bawtree ROBINSON 1853-1935 Lt/Col - Cape Colony Police (Retired)
David ROPER 1882-1941 Private - - Army Service Corps
William ROPER 1872-1941 Private - 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Thomas ROUS 1886-1918 2/Lt 80163 – CCXCVI Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Frederick Henry RUSE 1912-1999 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Herbert RUSE 1914-1993 37 [Bomber] Squadron, Royal Air Force
Frank Evans RUSSELL 1873-1935 8th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment
Harry William Joseph SALTER 1895-1917 1/14th Battalion, London Regiment
Thomas SALTER 1875-1946 Pte.9811 – 9th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Frederick SANSUM b1901 Sergeant - 11th Hussars
George William SANSUM 1894-1915 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Herbert Arthur SEWELL 1889-1959 Rfn.43049 – 11th Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Owen Charles SEWELL 1896-1917 7th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers
Willie Charles SEWELL b1881 Pte.201591 - 1/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment
Robert Frank SHELLEY 1890-1970 Pte.1729 of 1/1st Norfolk Yeomanry
Sydney Arnold SHELLEY 1896-1916 1/15th Battalion, London Regiment
Walter Hunt SLATER 1880-1971 Pte.18742 – 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Alfred Egerton SMITH b1894 Dvr.75625 - Royal Field Artillery
George Archibald SMITH 1888-1979 Spr.1851921 - Royal Engineers
Harold Cecil SMITH 1894-1968 Prince of Wales’s Own [West Yorkshire Regiment]
Thomas Alston SMITH 1875-1947 Served in WWI - Unit Not Known
William Henry SMITH 1890-1977 Served in WWI - Unit Not Known
Ernest Henry SPENCER 1882-1957 Pte.2294 4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Harry Hammond SPENCER 1895-1968 Pte.43061 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
Alfred Herbert SPITTAL 1890-1953 3rd New Zealand [Rifle] Brigade
Percy James STANHOPE 1887-1947 LXXXI Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Harry Rogers 'Curly' STEARNS 1903-1970 Royal Navy
Joshua Owen STEED 1870-1954 Captain – 2nd (Volunteer) Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Dorothy Kate STEWARD 1928-2019 Signals Branch - 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Frederick STEWARD 1887-1982 Sgt.240246 – 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Albert SUTTLE 1893-1970 Rfn.471161 - 1/12th Battalion, London Regiment
Alfred Jacob SUTTLE 1892-1978 Pte.1270 - 1/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Wilfred John SUTTLE 1898-1933 Gnr.156828 - 44th Reserve Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Charles Robert SUTTON 1881- 1927 2/AM/120946 - Royal Flying Corps
Albert Ernest THEOBALD 1889-1936 9th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
Frederick Stephen THEOBALD 1875-1949 750th Company, Labour Corps
Harry Stanhope THEOBALD 1878-1963 Served in WWI - Unit Not Known
William Harry Stanhope THEOBALD 1899-1963 Pte.S/77757 – Royal Fusiliers
Charles Walter TRIBE 1899-1978 Aero Mechanic II – Royal Naval Air Corps
Samuel TRUNDLEY 1888-1962 Dvr.24631 - Royal Field Artillery
William George TWITCHETT 1892-1974 Pte.M2/082757 – Army Service Corps
William Edward 'Joe' UNDERWOOD 1915-1980 Suffolk Home Guard
Arthur George WALFORD 1907-1983 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Arthur WARREN 1900-1984 Pte.13380 – The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
Charlie WARREN b1927 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Augustus Rowland WATKINSON 1889-1961 A/Cpl.80674 – Royal Engineers
William ‘Bill’ WEBB 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Charles Henry WHEELER 1910-1991 10th Battalion, Suffolk Home Guard
Arthur Edward WHENT 1889-1961 1st (Drake) Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division
Percy Harry WHENT 1892-1943 Dvr.1596 – III East Anglian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Percy Harold WHITTLE 1898-1973 Pte.605453 – Prisoner of War Company, Labour Corps
William WHITTLE 1863- Served in WWI - Unit Not Known
Ernest Frank WICKENS 1893-1936 4th Div. Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery
Thomas Albert WICKHAM 1880-1961 Army Ordnance Corps
Frederick WISEMAN 1892-1916 6th (Service) Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment
Leonard Albert WISEMAN 1884-1973 Rfn.303601 - 1st London Rifle Brigade
Percy WISEMAN b1889 Pte.266214 - 2/6th (Cyclist) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
William Bertie WISEMAN 1886-1969 689th (MT) Company, Army Service Corps
Alfred WOODHOUSE 1877-1964 7th (Service) Battalion, East Surrey Regiment
Edward Balantine WRIGHT 1880-1948 Gnr.210092 - Royal Field Artillery
Ephraim Harry YOUNGER 1891-1977 Pte.97493 - 3rd Bn, Machine Gun Corps
Evelyn ‘Dolly’ Dorothy YOUNGER 1898-1967 Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps
Harry YOUNGER 1876-1917 5th Battalion, Canadian Infantry Regiment
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