Our Logo represents an Iron Age Coin recovered during an archaeological excavation by the Heritage Trust Archaeological Team in 2019 on the site of the new Football Club building. 

The coin itself was rare in so much that it was recovered by excavation and from a place where it was lost in the Iron Age.  It was minted around 10BC to 10 AD and depicts a gryphon like creature on one side and the letters RUIS on the reverse. This represents Rues a sub tribal ruler and associate of Tasciovanas, who was the father of Cunobelin (Shakespeare’s Cymbeline}.  Both father and son were of the Catuvellaunian Tribe who in turn succeeded in occupying Colchester, the Trinovantian Capital.

Its position in an Iron Age deposit proves that Long Melford has a heritage going back at least 2000 years.  It is thought that this settlement was occupied by the Trinovante Tribe, and covered an area even greater than the present village.  This no doubt attracted the early attention of the Romans who went on themselves to establish a sizable town.

Our logo was created by Harjit Mehroke, a talented designer. who worked with images of the original coin to produce both the animation and logo. The colour of the logo represents the patina / verdigris condition of the coin having been buried for centuries in the soil of Long Melford.

Kenneth Dodd

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