Codling’s Forge:  A Spiritual Midden Deposition

  In August of 2018 Moyse’s Hall Museum assisted in the identification of not one, but a series of finds all from the same location; a void by an Inglenook in a property known as Codling’s Forge in Long Melford. This ultimately opens up the debate as to whether the deposed discoveries are accidental consignments READ MORE

The Railway and Long Melford

All Change For Melford!  By the middle of the nineteenth century much of England was in the grip of railway mania as different individuals and companies sought to develop new lines across the country.  Essex and Suffolk were no different but whereas today much of the rail networks’ trade is passenger driven in the nineteenth READ MORE

The discovery of the Iron Age Coin

Our Logo represents an Iron Age Coin recovered during an archaeological excavation by the Heritage Trust Archaeological Team in 2019 on the site of the new Football Club building.  The coin itself was rare in so much that it was recovered by excavation and from a place where it was lost in the Iron Age.  READ MORE